I watched a Nightmare on Elm Street not too long ago (one of the few slasher classics I haven’t seen) and I really loved it. I thought it was going to be stupid, honestly. I don’t know if I’ve already spoken about this or not. Oh well. My memory is terrible.
  Anyway, I really loved how it seriously feels like a real nightmare- the borderline-stupid imagery that’s just weird enough to be scary as hell. For example, the “long arm Freddy” scene. That’s frickin creepy, man, and it seriously reminds me of the odd, dark, unnecessary imagery I find in my own nightmares.


Also, Johnny Depp. Just…….yes. Yes please.

That’s all I really have on my mind right now.

Oh yeah, I also got an adorable app that’s a Halloween tamagotchi knock off, called pixel pets.




(Just ignore the Games for Girls adds….too lazy to edit those out even though I’m not a girl and they’re sexist as hell)

His name is Bill. He’s my pumpkin and I love him. Also, he poops….


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