Nothing to do right now. Going to Kansas City tomorrow, to visit some family and tour a college. My sister is searching high and low for a descent college. She’ll be out of the house next year. Kinda weird, since the longest we’ve been separated was two weeks. Or something like that…

Math sucks.

Did anybody hear about the RapeX condom? Pretty freaky. You’ll just have to look it up because I’m not about to put a picture, haha. I don’t want to scare people away.


I was going to write more, but I forgot what I was going to write about…

So you can just enjoy this picture



Stoopid School is so dum.

Oh dear, how long has it been? So little time in one’s life. Ah, good ol’ Saturday…my school has a Fall Break the week after next. It’s a new thing they’re doing. Good idea, sure, but I’m a little pissed that it doesn’t land on Halloween. I think it’s so frickin’ stupid that they don’t have at least one day off after Halloween. I mean, really? Kids are walking around in the middle of the night, going home with their friends and stuffing candy in their face whilst watching scary movies till 3:00 in the fucking morning, and they are expected to go to school promptly the next day?

That’s just stupid. Hey, hey hey hey, Hey Stoopid!

Fuck that, man!

Hopefully I can have one of those rare hookie days…

I’m not one to play hookie, but I can get my mom to let me play at least once out of the year if she agrees with me.

I want macaroni and cheese. My mom made soul food a few weeks ago, with like, collard greens, corn, chicken, and this macaroni and cheese that she made herself with Velveeta cheese. I loved it. I usually don’t like homemade macaroni and cheese (I know- I’m terrible) but I liked the one she made.

I just don’t like it when people cake some shredded cheddar on top, with some crumby shit and a bunch of onions. No thanks.

I also liked the macaroni at this one soul food joint, run by some young people who were probly siblings. I could tell that they were making it just like their mother did it, and their mother made it just like her mother, and so on. I like that feeling. Feeling of tradition.

My family mostly celebrates Mexican culture- some of my relatives knew Spanish before English- and every time I eat fideos, it reminds me of my great grandmother… mi abuela.

Most people think of tacos and enchiladas when they think, “Mexican food,” but people who grow up with it will think of fideos, or quesadilla- stuff like that. At least we do.


My immediate family, though- I live with my mom and older sister- we don’t just eat one kind of food. My mother cooks all kinds of foods from all over the world. Cooking is like my mother’s hobby. That’s a good thing….I love to eat. Me gusta comer mucho!

South American, European, Asian- all kinds. But right now she’s really focused on Asian countries. Well, actually lately lately, she’s been focusing on buying us sandwich condiments and having a “fend-for-yourself night”, because she’s been worn out by work. But in general, she’s studying a lot of Thai, Korean, Chinese, and is showing interest in Japanese now as well.


Dammit. I should stop. Now I’m hungry. I blame you people!

No, I joke. It’s my brain and my typing that’s getting the best of my stomach. I’m gonna go eat now.