I didn’t do much today. Went to some cemeteries and got a pic of a caterpillar who decided to chill on a tombstone.


I believe this kind turns into a moth of some sort.
I downloaded a shit ton of apps last night; mostly language learning tools. I went on this binge where I learned a ton of danish. Just to have something to do. A also downloaded sources on Japanese (kana and kanji), Korean (Hangul and vocab), German, Arabic, and Spanish. Its fun, really, to learn. My German friend gets so excited when I tell her something in her native tongue. I think it just surprises my Korean friend, because she usually only hears Korean in her house.
I might have downloaded something on Afrikaans too.I should if I haven’t. My Tanzanian friend wants to teach me.
We’re having chicken and dumplings tonight. Tomorrow I’m going to school which is shitty.


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