You ready for October?

You ready for October?

They’re all gonna LAUGH at yooh!


Musically, do you have an open mind?

I keep on apologizing for not posting in a while….whelp, I apologize again. Anywho, yeah I like my haircut its pretty awesome. Pretty much went from Deathhawk to Mohawk. I don’t mind that. I’m gonna let it grow a little longer, but I had to start really short in order to get my hair healthy again. People keep saying my hair looks like horse hair, including my mother. I guess that’s a good thing…? Hah.

On to seemingly more interesting subjects, I am so damn hungry. My mom is making stir fry now, and I can smell it. Chicken stir fry…with chestnuts and green beans…

It’s that weak, shaky kind of hungry, y’know?

My sister had a doctor’s appointment in another town and unfortunately I couldn’t go with her (she left in the middle of school- of course I would love to do that as well). Anywho, she got me a manga while she was there (I know what you’re thinking, “nerd!” Well….. yeah you’re pretty much right). It’s a manga called Blue Exorcist. If you like manga, I’d recommend it…. and Death Note, Soul Eater, and Black Butler.

I should do my homework. The night before last I stayed up past my bedtime drawing. I always have to listen to an album while I draw… I listened to The Sky’s Gone Out by Bauhaus…..


I listened to it like, four times in a row. It is a real trip when you’re drawing, or doing anything that makes you think creatively. It’s calming and….awesome…. My brain is kinda fuzzy right now…I’m still hungry, y’know. So I’m lacking interesting adjectives. Forgive me. I love to write, but I also love to eat….

Anyways…I know I recommend a ton of shit, but yeah…I would recommend Bauhaus, and if you already know them but haven’t listened to The Sky’s Gone Out– I recommend it (although it’d be rather silly if you listen to them but have never heard that album- that’s kind of like saying you listen to Michael Jackson, but have never heard the Thriller album….)

You might like Bauhaus if you like:

  • 80’s music
  • Goth/darkwave/deathrock/new wave/punk/alternative, etc
  • David Bowie, Joy Division, The Cure, etc
  • rhythmic music with lots of instrumentals…

Yeah. By the way, don’t be scared away by the second bullet- some people will hear “Goth” and think “oh dear, this is loud and screamy”.

If that’s what you think, I can guarantee that you have never heard the music before! Keep an open mind, it’s a very awesome (and sometimes beautiful) genre!

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I challenge you to listen and judge for yourself. Bauhaus is the most basic you can get in this genre. Out of songs, I recommend She’s in Parties, In The Night, and/or Who Killed Mr Moonlight.

Do you have an open mind? Are you willing to try new things?

I certainly am!

Have fun man

What the hell am I talking about….


Gettin’ a haircut, man

Yep. Pretty excited, actually. Boy… is it actually getting COOL outside??

How exciting! You must think I’m insane. You might be thinking, “You’re 14, and you talk about the weather?”

Well…..yes. If you live in the Midwest, where weather changes quickly and drastically, you’d understand my excitement. I like I said, I’m a jacket person.

It keeps on raining. I like it, but it flattens my hair.

Ok, back to the haircut. I usually sport a deathhawk- “old” people may know what i’m talking about- a fluffy, teased up mohawk, popular in the Goth/Deathrock, and maybe even punk scenes (not as much punk as it is in goth, but Deathrock is pretty versatile).

Well, anyway, yeah. And I have the sides cut all short like chihuahua. Well, anyway, I’m gonna cut the whole hawk itself a little shorter and thinner, and get all of the side-shit off….the chihuahua stuff….hehe.


People who have been to more diverse places may know what I mean by “deathhawk”…I know, it’s a corny word, but hey- that’s the term. I didn’t invent it.

This is a deathhawk. Mine is black and doesn’t have the fancy side-y things.

Mine has been blue before, though. Actually its been lots of colors. But I’m keeping it black for at least a year, because the bleaching became a little much for my hair.



I’m so sorry, but I gotta cut this short. I have a bad Monday Headache.

Have a good day n’ such, I’ll tell you how I like my hair cut (whether you want me to or not, heheheh)


I love this weather!!

Thank God it’s Friday. Gracias a Dios es viernes!

God, for once this year it’s starting to feel like fall! Finally cooled down!

If you couldn’t guess, I’m a jacket person- I love leather (“Oh, I wear lace, and I wear black leather…” line from Alice Cooper’s Killer album. If you haven’t experienced it, I highly suggest it if you are a fan of 70’s music).

Anywho….I’m psyched for Halloween; I love horror flicks. It gives me more of an excuse to watch them with my family. They like horror films too, but they are more in the mood at this time of year.

I have to do this science project called the Cartesian Diver.

Our design is slightly different, but this is essentially what we’re doing.

We have to decorate it creatively when we’re done with the science-y part. Of course I’m going to do a darker theme. I thought I’d get as plastic skeleton and put him in the bottom or something like that, and dye the water red or green. Probly green.

We’re reading a Stephen King story in English now. Dolan’s Cadillac. I do believe I have read it before, but’s its been a year or two. God, I’ve had a lucky week in English class, read two of my very favorite authors- Stephen King and Edgar Allan Poe.

Have you ever done this on Halloween?

We used to all the time, but we didn’t put the light in the background. What you do it you get an ugly or creepy looking mask, stuff it in a large old pickle jar, fill the jar with water, and you can dye the water red/green/any creepy color you can find, really.

I personally think that ours looked better than the picture above *cough* *cough*

But yeah, there’s some DIY Halloween shit for you there.


My grandma used to take some old clothes and stuff them with hay, then attach them together with safety pins. She would use a stuffed gunny sac for the head, and a wrinkly old person mask for the actual face. Lastly, she’d top it off with a straw hat, and maybe make a wife to go with him (she’d use a gypsy mask, I remember). She’d set them out on the porch in lazy poses together, and they’d sit there all October. Kids would walk by and see them and find them to be interesting decorations; they’d get used to them and find them rather fun- and then- here comes the better part:

On Halloween, take out all of the hay of one (or both) of the figurines, and replace them with real people! Then you wait until kids walk up to your porch, and then leap up and scare the piss out of them!

know this works, because I was a victim!

We all know scarecrows are fucking creepy, because that’s what they were invented for- to scare.

Scared little children more than it did crows though, I think.

Maybe when it gets to be October, I’ll make a whole post on DIY Halloween stuff- that’d be fun.

Ever been to Kansas or Nebraska?

Covered in tall fields and cemeteries. Rather creepy. I do believe Children of the Corn took place in Nebraska. Nebraska is boring. Looks just like Kansas, but filled with corn. No offense to proud Nebraskans…………………..

I’m not even proud of Kansas, how could you be proud of Nebraska???

Ok, I’ll shut up, I’m sure you have a billion reasons……corn……