Talking to my friend about Nirvana hahhahaha


  I watched a Nightmare on Elm Street not too long ago (one of the few slasher classics I haven’t seen) and I really loved it. I thought it was going to be stupid, honestly. I don’t know if I’ve already spoken about this or not. Oh well. My memory is terrible.
  Anyway, I really loved how it seriously feels like a real nightmare- the borderline-stupid imagery that’s just weird enough to be scary as hell. For example, the “long arm Freddy” scene. That’s frickin creepy, man, and it seriously reminds me of the odd, dark, unnecessary imagery I find in my own nightmares.


Also, Johnny Depp. Just…….yes. Yes please.

That’s all I really have on my mind right now.

Oh yeah, I also got an adorable app that’s a Halloween tamagotchi knock off, called pixel pets.




(Just ignore the Games for Girls adds….too lazy to edit those out even though I’m not a girl and they’re sexist as hell)

His name is Bill. He’s my pumpkin and I love him. Also, he poops….


I didn’t do much today. Went to some cemeteries and got a pic of a caterpillar who decided to chill on a tombstone.


I believe this kind turns into a moth of some sort.
I downloaded a shit ton of apps last night; mostly language learning tools. I went on this binge where I learned a ton of danish. Just to have something to do. A also downloaded sources on Japanese (kana and kanji), Korean (Hangul and vocab), German, Arabic, and Spanish. Its fun, really, to learn. My German friend gets so excited when I tell her something in her native tongue. I think it just surprises my Korean friend, because she usually only hears Korean in her house.
I might have downloaded something on Afrikaans too.I should if I haven’t. My Tanzanian friend wants to teach me.
We’re having chicken and dumplings tonight. Tomorrow I’m going to school which is shitty.

Holy Shit, I’m Alive

Yeah, I’m actually living. Even though it’s been about a year since I’ve posted anything. That’s typical of me. To forget about something for about a year or so, then come back as if nothing had ever happened. Super psyched about hallows eve this year, because they actually sell household shit that I’m willing to purchase.I feel like I need another break already.I just got back from fall break about a week ago. Which is funny because thats one of the last things I wrote about before I left this site.

Sigh, I’m bored. I’m weary from my own lack of activity, really.I have nothing to actually do and no one to talk to right now. My sister left for Seattle a few months ago and I’ve been pretty lonely; it’s not easy to talk or to attempt to make friends when you’re an introvert with social anxiety. I like to hang out with friends, but I don’t like the painful process of making them. Its a shitty cycle, man.

I’m just sitting here right now on my tablet at two o’clock in the morning, listening to music. That reminds me, if there’s a really stupid typo, I apologize. I’m not the best at typing on this thing, and its not the best at understanding the words I want to use. I really feel like being left alone right now. That’s another problem. being lonely but wanting to be alone.

I said that I want to be alone right now because there’s this guy I have to live with, and he’s just barging around making noises and shit. The night used to be My Time, but now I have to deal with his stupid ass. (He’s my mom’s boyfriend). It’s fine for her to have a boyfriend of course, but she had to pick a rude ass slob which is just not cool, y’know? What the hell does she see in him…..

OK my eyes are getting too tired. I hope I didn’t disappoint anyone who remembers me, due to my absence.


Nothing to do right now. Going to Kansas City tomorrow, to visit some family and tour a college. My sister is searching high and low for a descent college. She’ll be out of the house next year. Kinda weird, since the longest we’ve been separated was two weeks. Or something like that…

Math sucks.

Did anybody hear about the RapeX condom? Pretty freaky. You’ll just have to look it up because I’m not about to put a picture, haha. I don’t want to scare people away.


I was going to write more, but I forgot what I was going to write about…

So you can just enjoy this picture