Gettin’ a haircut, man

Yep. Pretty excited, actually. Boy… is it actually getting COOL outside??

How exciting! You must think I’m insane. You might be thinking, “You’re 14, and you talk about the weather?”

Well…..yes. If you live in the Midwest, where weather changes quickly and drastically, you’d understand my excitement. I like I said, I’m a jacket person.

It keeps on raining. I like it, but it flattens my hair.

Ok, back to the haircut. I usually sport a deathhawk- “old” people may know what i’m talking about- a fluffy, teased up mohawk, popular in the Goth/Deathrock, and maybe even punk scenes (not as much punk as it is in goth, but Deathrock is pretty versatile).

Well, anyway, yeah. And I have the sides cut all short like chihuahua. Well, anyway, I’m gonna cut the whole hawk itself a little shorter and thinner, and get all of the side-shit off….the chihuahua stuff….hehe.


People who have been to more diverse places may know what I mean by “deathhawk”…I know, it’s a corny word, but hey- that’s the term. I didn’t invent it.

This is a deathhawk. Mine is black and doesn’t have the fancy side-y things.

Mine has been blue before, though. Actually its been lots of colors. But I’m keeping it black for at least a year, because the bleaching became a little much for my hair.



I’m so sorry, but I gotta cut this short. I have a bad Monday Headache.

Have a good day n’ such, I’ll tell you how I like my hair cut (whether you want me to or not, heheheh)