Musically, do you have an open mind?

I keep on apologizing for not posting in a while….whelp, I apologize again. Anywho, yeah I like my haircut its pretty awesome. Pretty much went from Deathhawk to Mohawk. I don’t mind that. I’m gonna let it grow a little longer, but I had to start really short in order to get my hair healthy again. People keep saying my hair looks like horse hair, including my mother. I guess that’s a good thing…? Hah.

On to seemingly more interesting subjects, I am so damn hungry. My mom is making stir fry now, and I can smell it. Chicken stir fry…with chestnuts and green beans…

It’s that weak, shaky kind of hungry, y’know?

My sister had a doctor’s appointment in another town and unfortunately I couldn’t go with her (she left in the middle of school- of course I would love to do that as well). Anywho, she got me a manga while she was there (I know what you’re thinking, “nerd!” Well….. yeah you’re pretty much right). It’s a manga called Blue Exorcist. If you like manga, I’d recommend it…. and Death Note, Soul Eater, and Black Butler.

I should do my homework. The night before last I stayed up past my bedtime drawing. I always have to listen to an album while I draw… I listened to The Sky’s Gone Out by Bauhaus…..


I listened to it like, four times in a row. It is a real trip when you’re drawing, or doing anything that makes you think creatively. It’s calming and….awesome…. My brain is kinda fuzzy right now…I’m still hungry, y’know. So I’m lacking interesting adjectives. Forgive me. I love to write, but I also love to eat….

Anyways…I know I recommend a ton of shit, but yeah…I would recommend Bauhaus, and if you already know them but haven’t listened to The Sky’s Gone Out– I recommend it (although it’d be rather silly if you listen to them but have never heard that album- that’s kind of like saying you listen to Michael Jackson, but have never heard the Thriller album….)

You might like Bauhaus if you like:

  • 80’s music
  • Goth/darkwave/deathrock/new wave/punk/alternative, etc
  • David Bowie, Joy Division, The Cure, etc
  • rhythmic music with lots of instrumentals…

Yeah. By the way, don’t be scared away by the second bullet- some people will hear “Goth” and think “oh dear, this is loud and screamy”.

If that’s what you think, I can guarantee that you have never heard the music before! Keep an open mind, it’s a very awesome (and sometimes beautiful) genre!

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I challenge you to listen and judge for yourself. Bauhaus is the most basic you can get in this genre. Out of songs, I recommend She’s in Parties, In The Night, and/or Who Killed Mr Moonlight.

Do you have an open mind? Are you willing to try new things?

I certainly am!

Have fun man

What the hell am I talking about….


Karate Mantis

Hm….yep, no plans or anything; just another weekend.

I was walking around with a praying mantis in my P.E. class (we were outside, just walking around). She was so cute (it was a female). She was perched on my hand, washing her forelegs absentmindedly. But she tried to jump on my shoulder and missed, then landed in the grass. Couldn’t find her after that. She was that muddled grey color that fit in too well with the rest of the place.

It was funny though. I saw her doing that silly thing they do when they’re trying to size something up, staring straight at me and swaying side-to-side. I was thinking, “Oh great, you better not jump on my face”. Haha, that seems to be a favorite location for mantises after all.

I love praying mantises. They are my favorite insect. They’re like little cat-raptor-cockroaches (they are related to roaches). They would be the best insect to train martial arts to.



There are mantises that will pose as ants, then eat them. How diabolical.

Yep. I’m a bug nerd.

Can’t believe I found that picture.

Well, actually I can….

Woah I can’t stop yawning.

My jaw feels a little better today.

We got cranberry juice today. Yaaaay. I’m addicted to that shit. It’s my drug.

I don’t like the cranberry juice, but the cranberry juice likes me.


Ha. Sorry guys, I’m addicted to references….and pictures.

I think this blog is going along nicely. I’m not usually good at keeping up with things.

It’s pretty entertaining.

But I’m scraping for material here, haha, most of my stories are about as big as the mantis story.

I lost my ipod a few weeks ago. It’s still upsetting. Music is my life; my ipod was my life on a rectangle. Where could it have possible gone? I really liked it because of the convenience. I can’t carry my record player around, or my computer, or my cd player (I could, but I would honestly be a bit embarrassed toting around that hunk of plastic).

Yeah. It sucks. I got that ipod for cheap, and “cheap” and “ipod” don’t usually go together in the same sentence.

Or “Doc Martens”.

But I totally got my Docs for seven bucks at a grunge, heheh.

Everyone, don’t underestimate grunges (grunges are thrift shops, for people who are unfamiliar with the term), you can get a lot of great shit there. My favorite jeans, boots, bags, and tights came from grunges.

I don’t know about you, but I love music to death.

If music was wiped off of the face of the Earth, I would be dead.

For anyone who’s curious, this is a summary of my music taste (copied and pasted from an account on another website)

I listen to almost anything 50’s-90’s.
Some Genres:
Any rock 50’s-90’s
Any Goth/Deathrock 70’s-90’s
Any punk 70’s-80’s
Any funk/pop/disco 70’s-90’s
Any Grunge 90’s
Some older Metal

Out of any kind of music, I like:
(it will be random in genre)
Michael Jackson
Alice Cooper
Elton John
The Cure
Sisters of Mercy
Led Zeppelin
David Bowie
Janis Joplin
Marilyn Manson & the Spooky Kids
Christian Death
Siouxsie and the Banshees
The Beatles
The Wings (Paul rules)
The Jackson 5/The Jacksons
Stevie Wonder
Fleetwood Mac
Rod Stewart
Uk Decay
Sex Gang Children
Van Halen
The Who
Bee Gees
The Rolling Stones
Joy Division
45 Grave
Lynyrd Skynyrd
The Scorpions

That of course that’s not all, but you get the point

And my taste in movies:


Night of the living Dead
The Great Outdoors
Midnight Cowboy
The Graduate
Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
Edward Scissorhands
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
The Lion King
The Pokemon Movie…
The Wizard of Oz
A Clockwork Orange
Watership Down
Plague Dogs
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Ace Ventura
Wayne’s World
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
Purple Rain
The Wiz
The Outsiders
Sadurday Night Fever
And plenty more

(And I love to watch any kind of horror movie… Except for porn that’s marketed as “horror”. Psh, more like “whorerer”)

I love Creepshow especially. But I guess that’s kind of a horror-comedy. I actually had a dream that Fluffy, the creature from the crate, was real. It actually wasn’t a scary dream, because I “didn’t exist” in the dream, I was like an invisible bystander. So it was like watching a super 3D horror film. It was awesome.