Can’t go wrong

Can't go wrong

You just can’t. Can’t go wrong with Poe. Unless you’re in one of his stories. Then you can go terribly wrong.
I’m just a poe boy, nobody loves me (He’s just a poe boy, from a poe family)….


So tired.

I didn’t sleep very well last night. I could feel myself tossing and turning for hours. I had to drink coffee this morning to give myself a boost.

Not much homework today, thank God. No mucha tarea hoy, gracias a Dios.

Don’t really feel like dragging myself through this week. Last night I beat Sonic the Hedgehog 3 relying solely on cheats (including the infamous level select code)

“Up, up, down, down, up up up” my ass. More like…

Up, up, down, down, smack the living hell out of up.


I have seven dollars to spend on the internet (left over from paying Netflix). Not much, but I could get something…. I tried to get a JTHM comic, but according to Amazon it was a couple of cents over. Bah.

We read Poe in English today! The Cask of Amontillado. I love Poe.

How do you yourself pronounce Amontillado?

My family has always pronounced it “Ah-mahn-tee-ah-do”

But my teacher, the film and the read-aloud (I hate read-alouds) pronounced it like it looks, “ah-mahn-till-ah-do”.

I come from a family that celebrates Hispanic culture, so maybe we just say that because that’s how it’d be in Spanish…?

But my immediate family hardly speaks any Spanish…. (the rest of my family does though…)

It just bothers me the way my teacher says it. To me, it’s like saying tortilla like it’s spelled, “tor-till-uh”, instead of saying “tor-tee-uh”.

I dunno…

How do you say it? Share the magic of knowledge with me.

Sorry, I’m cutting this short. So little time to do so much of nothing!