Stoopid School is so dum.

Oh dear, how long has it been? So little time in one’s life. Ah, good ol’ Saturday…my school has a Fall Break the week after next. It’s a new thing they’re doing. Good idea, sure, but I’m a little pissed that it doesn’t land on Halloween. I think it’s so frickin’ stupid that they don’t have at least one day off after Halloween. I mean, really? Kids are walking around in the middle of the night, going home with their friends and stuffing candy in their face whilst watching scary movies till 3:00 in the fucking morning, and they are expected to go to school promptly the next day?

That’s just stupid. Hey, hey hey hey, Hey Stoopid!

Fuck that, man!

Hopefully I can have one of those rare hookie days…

I’m not one to play hookie, but I can get my mom to let me play at least once out of the year if she agrees with me.

I want macaroni and cheese. My mom made soul food a few weeks ago, with like, collard greens, corn, chicken, and this macaroni and cheese that she made herself with Velveeta cheese. I loved it. I usually don’t like homemade macaroni and cheese (I know- I’m terrible) but I liked the one she made.

I just don’t like it when people cake some shredded cheddar on top, with some crumby shit and a bunch of onions. No thanks.

I also liked the macaroni at this one soul food joint, run by some young people who were probly siblings. I could tell that they were making it just like their mother did it, and their mother made it just like her mother, and so on. I like that feeling. Feeling of tradition.

My family mostly celebrates Mexican culture- some of my relatives knew Spanish before English- and every time I eat fideos, it reminds me of my great grandmother… mi abuela.

Most people think of tacos and enchiladas when they think, “Mexican food,” but people who grow up with it will think of fideos, or quesadilla- stuff like that. At least we do.


My immediate family, though- I live with my mom and older sister- we don’t just eat one kind of food. My mother cooks all kinds of foods from all over the world. Cooking is like my mother’s hobby. That’s a good thing….I love to eat. Me gusta comer mucho!

South American, European, Asian- all kinds. But right now she’s really focused on Asian countries. Well, actually lately lately, she’s been focusing on buying us sandwich condiments and having a “fend-for-yourself night”, because she’s been worn out by work. But in general, she’s studying a lot of Thai, Korean, Chinese, and is showing interest in Japanese now as well.


Dammit. I should stop. Now I’m hungry. I blame you people!

No, I joke. It’s my brain and my typing that’s getting the best of my stomach. I’m gonna go eat now.




Musically, do you have an open mind?

I keep on apologizing for not posting in a while….whelp, I apologize again. Anywho, yeah I like my haircut its pretty awesome. Pretty much went from Deathhawk to Mohawk. I don’t mind that. I’m gonna let it grow a little longer, but I had to start really short in order to get my hair healthy again. People keep saying my hair looks like horse hair, including my mother. I guess that’s a good thing…? Hah.

On to seemingly more interesting subjects, I am so damn hungry. My mom is making stir fry now, and I can smell it. Chicken stir fry…with chestnuts and green beans…

It’s that weak, shaky kind of hungry, y’know?

My sister had a doctor’s appointment in another town and unfortunately I couldn’t go with her (she left in the middle of school- of course I would love to do that as well). Anywho, she got me a manga while she was there (I know what you’re thinking, “nerd!” Well….. yeah you’re pretty much right). It’s a manga called Blue Exorcist. If you like manga, I’d recommend it…. and Death Note, Soul Eater, and Black Butler.

I should do my homework. The night before last I stayed up past my bedtime drawing. I always have to listen to an album while I draw… I listened to The Sky’s Gone Out by Bauhaus…..


I listened to it like, four times in a row. It is a real trip when you’re drawing, or doing anything that makes you think creatively. It’s calming and….awesome…. My brain is kinda fuzzy right now…I’m still hungry, y’know. So I’m lacking interesting adjectives. Forgive me. I love to write, but I also love to eat….

Anyways…I know I recommend a ton of shit, but yeah…I would recommend Bauhaus, and if you already know them but haven’t listened to The Sky’s Gone Out– I recommend it (although it’d be rather silly if you listen to them but have never heard that album- that’s kind of like saying you listen to Michael Jackson, but have never heard the Thriller album….)

You might like Bauhaus if you like:

  • 80’s music
  • Goth/darkwave/deathrock/new wave/punk/alternative, etc
  • David Bowie, Joy Division, The Cure, etc
  • rhythmic music with lots of instrumentals…

Yeah. By the way, don’t be scared away by the second bullet- some people will hear “Goth” and think “oh dear, this is loud and screamy”.

If that’s what you think, I can guarantee that you have never heard the music before! Keep an open mind, it’s a very awesome (and sometimes beautiful) genre!

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I challenge you to listen and judge for yourself. Bauhaus is the most basic you can get in this genre. Out of songs, I recommend She’s in Parties, In The Night, and/or Who Killed Mr Moonlight.

Do you have an open mind? Are you willing to try new things?

I certainly am!

Have fun man

What the hell am I talking about….


Pancakes and Muffins for Supper

Yep, the title speaks the truth. Sometimes it’s great to just enjoy shit like that, y’know?

“I would NEVER let my child eat that for supper!”

Ah, but you should if you don’t! Just break the rules every once in a while- it shows what an awesome parent you can be.

My mom is an excellent cook- she’s worked in a deli for five years, worked her way up to manager, and has been working as “head cook” in a college for two years (she’s pretty sure she’s head cook, haha).

My mom has a pretty big ego. Too big of an ego is annoying, but to come home and hear my mom talk about how exciting work was for her today, and how she kicked ass- it’s refreshing. She’s so short, too, and her voice and her attitude are so loud… It makes me laugh.

I don’t really know why we’re having pancakes…. we usually eat healthily- Asian food, Italian food, almost always vegetables on the side.

Maybe it’s just a craving she had. My mom will randomly crave breakfast for supper, but it’s usually like sausage and eggs and stuff.

I just saw the stupidest freaking McDonalds commercial ever.

I really wish America would ban commercials marketed to children….