Pancakes and Muffins for Supper

Yep, the title speaks the truth. Sometimes it’s great to just enjoy shit like that, y’know?

“I would NEVER let my child eat that for supper!”

Ah, but you should if you don’t! Just break the rules every once in a while- it shows what an awesome parent you can be.

My mom is an excellent cook- she’s worked in a deli for five years, worked her way up to manager, and has been working as “head cook” in a college for two years (she’s pretty sure she’s head cook, haha).

My mom has a pretty big ego. Too big of an ego is annoying, but to come home and hear my mom talk about how exciting work was for her today, and how she kicked ass- it’s refreshing. She’s so short, too, and her voice and her attitude are so loud… It makes me laugh.

I don’t really know why we’re having pancakes…. we usually eat healthily- Asian food, Italian food, almost always vegetables on the side.

Maybe it’s just a craving she had. My mom will randomly crave breakfast for supper, but it’s usually like sausage and eggs and stuff.

I just saw the stupidest freaking McDonalds commercial ever.

I really wish America would ban commercials marketed to children….




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