♫ Well, I woke up Sunday mornin’, with no way to hold my head that didn’t hurt

Damn Sundays. There’s nothing to do on a Sunday,  especially in a small town like mine. I don’t go to church much, because the church we like is a couple towns away (we can’t waist gas). Also, there’s no mail on a Sunday. For a kid like me, Sundays mean no mail, no businesses, and school the next day.

I stayed up until 2:30 last night. I drank some Cherry Dr. Pepper and wasn’t really tired. Finally hooked my ps2 back up (yes, I own a ps2. And a ps1. And a Game Gear).

I was sitting there playing the Sonic Mega Collection- which reminds me, my ps2 -that piece of shit- stopped reading my memory cards yesterday. So alll of the work me and my brother (who is now out of the house) did is down the drain. He unlocked half of the games and made several super and hyper Sonics. When he left, I unlocked the rest of the games and was working on making Tails into super Tails.

Even unlocked Ristar…

Boy, I am a geek. Haha.

I’m addicted to side scrollers.


I ordered a comic book online today (see? geek). Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, vol. 4.

I love comic books. I have a lot of old ones, along with manga.

TMNT, Alf, Archie, Mickey Mouse, some other stuff I never actually read, Squee! (knock-off thing from JTHM series), Lenore the Cute Little Dead Girl, JTHM, Soul Eater, Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji), Full Metal Alchemist, Blacksad (all in French. I don’t understand it, haha), and probly some others.

Boy oh boy…

I have to memorize a script for Spanish class. I was paired with a native speaker. She put in a lot of phrases that I don’t understand. So I’ll just have to learn…

I’m hungry. Food’s great. Ate macaroni and cheese. Certainly not gourmet, but that’s what happens when my mom (who works as a cook) is not home.

I think I’ll go get some more to eat…. Like…. leftovers or something….



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