A Thursday

Boy, what a week. Well, not really. But I did go to the dentist today, and my mouth does hurt like a sonofabitch. Not only do my molars hurt, but the dentist pried my mouth open so wide that my jaw hardly wants to move. I can’t even yawn without pain, man. At least it’s Thursday (is what I would say if I was an optimistic person).

Reminds me of Steve Martin in Little Shop of Horrors.


Actually I am glad it’s Thrusday, that means Friday is tomorrow. I have to make up a test tomorrow…damn. I left for the dentist (Steve Martin) at about 12:30, right after lunch. I didn’t eat much because….well, I didn’t want a bunch of spinach between my teeth when I went…

Nothing planned for the weekend.


Went to an Alice Cooper / Marilyn Manson concert this summer. Probably one of the best days of my life. I’m really into them both.

So yeah….I got my mom interested in Marilyn Manson.

Of course she knew Alice, she used to listen to Welcome to My Nightmare on her sister’s record player back in the 70’s. But she didn’t know Marilyn.

“I remember him being popular in the 90’s,” she told me, “but so many people were hyped about him that I wasn’t really interested.”

Now she’ll stay up with me and we watch MM interviews together (by the way, I will ramble about singers that I like a lot; just a warning). I found her watching him on Letterman once, and I just had to join her. She finds Manson to be intriguing. She’s a very open-minded woman, and she talks to me as a human being, rather than “just a kid”.

People really underestimate children. Sure, children overestimate themselves often times, but children are much more aware of their surroundings than adults may think. They hear Mommy say “bitch”, they see Daddy giving the bird to someone (by the way, this doesn’t reflect my personal life, these are just examples), and they may not understand it but they are often times gifted with a close attention to detail. They will take note of the little things you do.

I am a kid, you can trust me when I say that (although, obviously, I am old enough to understand these things. But it wasn’t long ago that I was crawling around, sucking my thumb, picking my nose, etc.)

I love celebrities….that’s random, but yeah…

I really don’t feel like doing my homework….I hate grammar…. I suck at it. Which I find ironic, because I have considered being an English teacher (for foreign people), or a Spanish teacher in Europe, or an Italian teacher, whatever.

I have lots of ideas.

I need to read The Catcher in the Rye. Such a classic that I haven’t cracked in to.

And here I am, reading Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. Haha. I usually try to read the bigger ones, like Dracula, Frankenstein, Lord of the Flies, those ones that everyone should know about.

I loved Frankenstein. I don’t know what it was about it. I guess I liked how Frankenstein’s monster tried to be a nice man, and he was shunned for it. I just like that somehow. A good idea, I guess…doesn’t teach a very good moral to the kiddies, but yeah, haha. I also like the never-ending angst. Poor Frankenstein, sick all the time, telling his story on his death bed. And his monster, being excepted by no one, finally ending it all.

Did you ever notice that Shelley never actually says what the monster is made of? Is it implied somewhere that he was made of dead parts? Did I miss that? I hate it when I miss stuff like that; I love implications and allegory.


Ok, I gotta quit being a geek now and get going…. gotta take a shower and do my homework (at least some of it…)




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